First blog post

Yes, my very first blog post. I am told I should use this space to introduce what my plans are for this blog. Unfortunately, I find one of the things that holds me back, and perhaps other people too, is this drive to plan plan plan.

We can spend hours, days, years, just trying to figure out the best goal, and how to get there. And often not acting.  So concerned about having the mission outlined clearly, the target image, that we find ourselves frustrated.

I used to make clothing, and a lesson I learnt then, and keep forgetting, is that the drawing of a garment comes into it’s own once you put the pencil to paper. The focus on trying to picture the design in full, before drawing it, was counter productive. For me anyway.

You just have to start, and when you do, each line will lead you to the next one, and so on. And it keeps developing – the pattern process finds you thinking of changes, the sewing itself….adjustments constantly made to adapt to where you know you want to go next.

So that is what 40 years of frustration leads me to. I am not ‘nowhere’ in life because I could never think of the plan to follow, I am ‘nowhere’ because I never started the journey, the first step, just towards the next right heartfelt authentic direction.

So here we are. I don’t know what this is going to be. I am hoping for something of an outlet, a place to find inspiration, and I know it will tell me what it is at some point. There may even be some useful things for anyone who stumbles across this page.

For now, I hope you enjoy the bits and bobs I throw on here. Some will be carefully considered, some will just be thrown in as the space tries to find itself. Let’s see…


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