When I say I had a rough sleep…

Woke up in a an outdoor shelter, the roof a low dark series of beams.

What kind of bird? An eagle became an owl became a woodpecker, feathers white with brown tips. Transforming into something much smaller, a hummingbird?! Sarah? And it isn’t nesting, it is feeding. Feeding babies through a crack?

It became attached. Stuck? Eating something? Being eaten! Tarantula….But the hummingbird kept leaving then, and returning to the spider. Kill the spider, or stop the bird.

We knocked the two from the beam, but as they hit the ground, there was no longer a spider. What is that? The dying bird? A mouse?

Whatever it was, it was not this little creature that was alive, but the thing digesting it that was alive. Unable to see where the killer and victim each started and ended, we could not save it.

The tiny creature was shed, like a snake shedding its skin. As it expelled the sucked-dry empty shell of a mouse…the killer had absorbed the life force?

The killer…a blob…

I tried stabbing it with a stick, as it squirted dark liquid into my eyes. I kept hitting it, until it shrunk to a piece of gum.

Pulled myself awake, dragging visions of a young calf collapsing on its weak little legs, crying in pain. It seemed to be shriveling up from the inside…

Everything goes quiet, as innumerable spider-like creature pour out of it, through its eyes, mouth, ears, stomach…alive still, agonised eyes fixed on me as I drag myself away to consciousness.


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